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A new Adventure Starts

Kingmaker for Kids

So here we are two years later and the kids have been wanting to play again.
so i started them up in a parallel game of Kingmaker that i will run in synch with the grown up game that runs on tuesdays.

Rica (now 11) chose to make a Witch, which she named “Callie”, and Clark (now 8) made a Gunslinger (of course) named “Manny”. Rica took a few days to figure out what she wanted to play and weighed out the differences between Witch and Alchemist and finally settled on Witch , taking a pltypus as her familiar and named it “Perry.”
Clark needed no research other than to see that there was a legal class called gunslinger and he was done researching. he looked over some of the rules and saw his gun choices and started with a musket
Since there are only two of them, i made up two NPCs, a Bard Named Frederico, and a Fighter named Gaston. they will meet them once the adventure begins.


I’ve decided to simplify a few things for the kids, mostly for record keeping. WHen we get to it, I will likely keep the kingdom documents myself, and may distil down a simplified kingdom keeping phase system. as for now the main easment is that, I’m not going to make them keep strict track of their rations, and I gave them and their NPCs a bit more gear to start the game with than might be standard. The biggest varaince being that one of the NPCs has a bow that would normally cost 600 GP and that the kids have all of the toolkits they need for their various skills even if they could not afford them. later i’ll make them pay gold if they want the masterwork versions.

A new Adventure Starts
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