Tazar Junior

Wish Lists: An Interlude

Ok, so today, I’m sick as a dog but the kids want to play. I tell them that they have a lot of money from their adventure and that they should look through the equipment lists and put together wish lists of things that they want to get their characters or the party. I allow them to also look at magic items less than 300GP value. (so some potions and some wands).
So rica puts together a long list of things the party needs and that she’s like to see the characters have, Things like; more rations, oil, a new rope for Luigi, Holy water, and several other things that seem well thought out.

Clark’s wish list read like this:


I told them that we wouldn’t be able to play today and that I’d need to figure out a new story for them since we finished the one from the Beginner Box.
I also told Clark that Guns were not around, but he seems determined to either find one or make one.


igoritzelf igoritzelf

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