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Session 2: "After Dinner"

So after dinner, the kids are begging to get back to the game. My wife sighs and rolls her eyes and waves us off, taking consolation in the fact that I’m spending time with the kids and they are apparently learning math and vocabulary.

Obelisk and Graffiti

The party walks into a room with a large obelisk (which I explain as a pillar or tower) at one end and some chalk graffiti on one wall reading something to the tune of “there is a dragon that breathes acid at the end of this dungeon.” Rica has Daisy examine the glyphs on the obelisk (she likes examining glyphs) and discovers that the only glyph repeated on all four sides of the obelisk is a glyph for water. Through a little bit of coaching and use of detect magic (it sould be noted that detect magic allws identification of magic items in Beginner box rules), they figure out that something will happen if one of the characters touches all four of the water glyphs in series. Still nervous from the last magical trap, what followed next was their first occurrance of a common RPG trope, of “Someone needs to touch it, but it won’t be me.” Daisy instructed Mr. Bananas to touch the glyphs (their first occurance so far of the “Have the NPC do it” trope).
After doing so, Mr. Bananas touched the glyphs, he told them that he felt like he scould swim better now and felt like he could breathe water. When they heard that, they all raced to touch the glyphs and found that only one person could have the effect at a time and that it only lasts about 10 minutes. So after some discussion, Clark reluctantly agreed that Daisy could have the effect before they went into the next room (which had visible water in it).

Island in a cave

Walking in, the party could see a big subterranian pond, with an island in one corner of the cave and a pile of shiny stuff on it. Clark immediately had Luigi swim for the island, wo managed to make his rolls well and get across with little problem. Daisy, on the other hand kept failing her (now boosted) swim rolls and spent much of this section under water trying to get back to the top.
When Luigi got to the island a ReefClaw sprang up and attacked him. CLark rolled really well during this combat, and had Mario fly over and use magic missiles to help him, so Luigi managed to only have minor injuries in this fight. Afterwards they found a lot of treasure, including a +1 dragon bane sword, which they all agreed that Luigi should use. I made the appropriate changes to his character sheet and we moved on.

Arguing Goblins

They make their way to the next cave where four goblins are arguing with heach other, and a fifth goblin wearing a crown sitting on a throne is holding his ears. Clark has Luigi Draw his sword and start walking in. The goblin king says “Me King Fatmouth, Who you?” they answer and Rica has Daisy successfully use Diplomacy to talk to them rather than start a fight. King fatmouth tells them that they are arguing about the whereabouts of a toy dragon. Rica has Daisy whip out the one they found and the goblins are happy. The goblins promise the party free passage through this portion of the caves and warn them that there is a lot of danger further in, that nobody returns (you know, the standard dungeon warning.) He also tells them that Black fang has some soft scales on his belly that should be easier to stab.

Walking dead

The next room requires climbing a 30 foot wall to enter. the party fails several climb checks a couple by rolling 1s, so I have the rope break a couple times, so now luigi has a 25’ foot rope and a couple of 12’ ropes. But finally they get up there and the skeletons attack. Rica is johnny on the spot using channel energy to hurt the skeletons and heal the party While Luigi, Mario, and Mr. Bananas use swords and magic to help finish them off. I was impressed that clark is now getting the hang of when to ask mario for a ray of frost, vs asking for a burning hands spell, especially when he originally just wanted Mario to throw rocks.

Black Fang’s lair

They climb some steps and make it to the cave area where Black fang lives. it has an open roof, which is how he gets in and out, apparently. Black fang immediately opens the fight with a line of acid breath hitting Luigo and Mario. Luigi’s magic ruby absorbs much of the damage, and his save minimizes the rest. Mario, saves, but is still knowcked out (he’s a 1st level wizard after all). Rica has Daisy move to stabilize and treat Mario and Mr. Bananas tumble into the room to “backstab” (flank). Clark has Luigi step right up with his Dragon bane sword and swing for the soft belly Scales (gaining +2 to hit) This was a very close fight. Daisy barely woke Mario before Luigi went down. Mario hid down the stairs (with 0 HP) while she used Cure light wounds on Luigi. When he got up, Luigi drank his cure light wounds potion, and Mr. Bananas kept flanking to try to let Luigi hit easier. At one point Rica wighed out the pros and cons of using a channel energy group heal, knowing that it would also heal the dragon, but with three party members at 1 HP or less she decided that it was a good trade off. It worked out since Luigi managed a critical hit with his Dragon Bane sword right after that, finishing him off)

So they gathered the treasure from the dragon’s hoard and went back to town to collect their reward.

While there, they meet a smith that is willing to make a magic sword if they bring him the Dragon’s biggest tooth and some magic armor if they bring back enough scales. Luigi (with Mario)fetches these items while Daisy is shopping for the party. He finds that the goblins and King Fatmouth have laid claim to the carcass. After a couple failed attempts at diplomacy, it turns into a fight. Luigi and Mario win, but only just. Mario is unconcious and Luigi is at 1 hit point. Daisy eventually wonders why it is taking so long and goes to find them camping near the magic fountain, trying to become well enough to journey back. she heals them up and they collect the pieces they need from the dragon carcass.
Luigi gets a Dragon tooth sword +1 Acidic, and Daisy gets +1 scale mail with 5 energy resistance (acid).


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