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Luigi Gets His Gun

Injured Return

So the party went back to the Keep to rest and heal. They used the apartment key they found on the evil priest to stay there for free. And then they searched for the cache indicated on the map and found a lot of money and jewels. After they got their feet under them, they went out to talk to Harrison.

Magic Gun Time

So they show Harrison some of the loot and talk to him about some of the fights they had and about the evil priests that they killed and he agrees to make the gun for Luigi, and a staff of Hold Person for Daisy (She asked for something to freeze her enemies). Luigi asks if the gun will be magic. Harrison indicates that it’s expensive to make magic items, but if Luigi Had another magic weapon, he could take it apart and and use the “magic parts” to make a magic gun for him. Luigi Asks,
“You mean like my Tooth Sword?”
“Well Certainly, a sword like that would work.” Harrison replies
“Can I give it to you right now?” Clark Mimes drawing the sword and handing it over."
So they give him the +1 Acid sword and the next day Harrison has for them the promised Gun, and a Staff of Hold person for Daisy. He tells her that the staff is nice now, but will be nicer when she gets to be a “bigger” cleric and can re-charge it herself.

The party is anxious to try out their new gear so they head back out to the caves of Chaos. I have them level up first. Luigi gets the Cleave feat, Daisy gets another spell (and takes swimming and climbing)


They get back to the caves of Chaos and back to the kobold lair. They decide to look into a room that they passed up earlier and find it to be a garbage dump room filled with giant rats, one of them bigger than the others and wearing a gold necklace. The party charges in to dispose of the rats, Luigi immediately draws his gun and shots the big rat at the back to death in one shot. Then he swaps out to his dragon slaying sword (they’re not dragons… but it’s still a magic sword). He and thest of the party make short work of the rats, (especially with Luigi’s new Cleave feat) avoid being diseased by the bites, and claim the treasure.

Kobold Leader

They find the last room with a big kobold and four guards (they were concubines in the module, i modified for the PG crowd). Luigi pulls out his gun and kills the lead kobold in one shot. For a moment I wonder if the gun was too much, but remember that it was doing more damage as a sword, and is really no more powerful than a magic longbow… and he really enjoys having it, so I move on. It takes them a couple rounds to finish the 4 “guards.” They find a key to a chest and a key to the store room. They loot the chest and go outside to figure out which cave to attack next.


They choose cave “A” the Goblin cave.


Entering the cave, they meet 6 wandering goblins who shout “Bree-Yark” and engage. Daisy is emboldenend by her new extra hit points and attack bonus and starts heading into melee with regularity at this point, occasionally using Channel Energy to heal the crowd, selectiviely not healing injured enemies. Luigi recognises that their isn’t a clear leader type, so leaves his gun in its holster and moves up and uses cleave to take the goblins down 2 per round.

Guard Room 1

They find a room with six more Goblins, who all shout “Bree-Yark” and throw spears. The party makes quick work and make their way off with a barrel of spears. They see that the unused exit from the room leads to an up staircase. They remember Harrison’s warning about higher levels and decide to leave that for later.

Guard Room 2

They find yet another guard room, with yet another 6 goblins. This time two of the goblins pic up a bag and start pushing it through a panel in the wall. Mr. Bananas chases them (at cost of attacks of opportunity and tries to stop them from what they are doing amidst shouts of “Bree Yark.” The Party Starts yelling “Bree-Yark” back at them, but the goblins are too busy getting killed to formulate a response.

Ogre Surprise

Those familiar with the module, know that the two goblins shoving a bag in a panel were giving a bag of coins to an Ogre in an Adjacent cave to come help them in a fight. So shortly after they’ve dealt with the last goblin, the Ogre shows up with an intimidating “Bree-Yark!” Daisy tries to talk to him and ask him why he is attacking. The Ogre indicates that the Goblins paid him and points to the heavy coin Bag. The ogre swings at them and the fight is on.
Mr. Bananas is nearly killed twice, and Luigi is taken down quite a bit, but they manage to finsih off the Ogre and get his sack of gold.



Luigi Gets His Gun

The grown-ups also used the free apartment as a temporary base, so it’s neat to see that parallel.

The grown-ups were not dealing with Harrison directly this early, but they would spend much of each trip back trading with Joseph, so there was a similar feel. I look forward to introducing the kids to Jospeh and the “quandry of the Red Steel Sword” to see how that plays out.

Not much difference of note for the rats, but the Kobold king was radically different. The Adults Charmed him and got him to let them stay in the cave and assign a couple of porters/fighters to accompany the party. they also stayed over in his chamber and one of the party (Stig) got a little too comfortable with the concubines.

For the Goblins, the grow-ups did much the same, but tried to talk to them first at each encounter. It sems that when you’ve got a wizard with charm person, and little else, they try to “enslave” everyone they meet. Meanwhile the kids did not have charm person and were more than happy scorching them to death with their wizard NPC.

One difference of not is that the grown-up party killed the Ogre first before entering the goblin lair, so that fight was a little easier for the grown ups.

Luigi Gets His Gun
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