Tazar Junior

Session 0, AKA "we got the box"

And it begins...

The Beginner box came in the mail Thursday and the kids actually spent much of the day reading the players book (the “heroes’ guide”) and reading up on the pre- made characters.

Rica decided she wanted to play the lady cleric, but wasn’t sure if she liked the name they gave her. Clark wanted to play the fighter and asked if they could change the names. I said ‘Yes,’ and he decided immediately to name it Luigi. (For those who don’t know, my son is fixated on Luigi from the Mario brothers. Possibly to an unhealthy level. Certainly to a hilarious level.) When Rica heard that, she decided to name her cleric, “Daisy.”

I showed them where the parts of the books that pertained to each of their characters was and sent them to reading. It was amazing. They were both super focused on the task of reading up to play. A type of focus normally reserved for watching ‘Phineas and Ferb’ or a disney movie.
This prompted the first of many times that I would be proud at how anxious my kids were to play D&D with their Dad. This also prompted the first instance of what would become a recurring theme of my wife declaring. “I hate you.” for encouraging the kids to be gamers.


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